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You will never buy other usb cables again.
This is the only one you need!

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We sell only high quality cables, durable connectors and good services.

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We sell the best user fliendly usb cables in the world. 90°connectors!

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The problem: frayed cables.

This Is Dangerous!

Frayed cable can generate sparks and fire!

Do not buy this cable.

It frays after few months and it costs too much!

This cable is badly designed!

It will fray for sure, even if you use it carefully.

Forget this dangerous problem!

Our cable are designed properly. Usb Zeus will not fray!

Best horizontal experience

The connector is placed at 90° so the cable run parallel to the phone. The cable do not deform any more, so no more fayed cables.
You will feel the difference!

One Connector to Rule Them All

The Byzeus connector rule them all! For real. 
It is projected to suit Apple devices (8 pin conncetor) and to Android devices (micro usb). ALL IN ONE!

Durable and reliable - The Rock

The connectors are covered with soft silicone in order to prevent scraching on devices. The design is beautiful and modern.
The Rock

High quality and best design - Byzeus

Alluminium alloy connectors with a stunning ergonomic design. The cloth braided wire gives the best durability.
The result is the perfect cable: Byzeus

If you have a frayed cable, Pay Attention!

Frayed cables can generate sparks and fire!
The best solution is to buy a 90° connector, so you will never deformate the cable while using the phone and you will always disconnect the cable by pulling the connector and not the cable.

90° connector is the best solution! TAKE ONE FOR FREE!!

We are convinced that 90° connectors are the future! We want to give you a FREE EREBUS cable!! 
Enter the coupon code “free_erebus”. Select the Apple or Android version from the Shop and add it to cart. Then just insert the coupon code for 100% discount!

The solution: 90° connectors!

📧Subscribe To Our Newsletter 📧You will receive 2 🎫🎫Coupon codes!
🎫1 Erebus Cable 100% for FREE! and 🎫 FREE SHIPPING !!


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